‘Join the Wash Freaks’ Rules

Thanks for being interested in Jimmy Clean’s Unlimited Wash Clubs!

We’ll make the process short and sweet, but of course we do have to have a few rules. Just complete the attached registration form and bring it by Jimmy’s place to complete your transformation to someone who’s car is always clean.

Jimmy’s Unlimited Wash Clubs are monthly programs where, for a low fee, you can enjoy unlimited washes in a members only lane, plus the use of our free vacuums, and $2 off a Nuclear Foam bath. That’s right. Unlimited washes. Unlimited clean. Choose from unlimited $10 washes for $20/month, unlimited $16 washes for $33/month, or unlimited $20 washes for $43/month.

Your membership applies to the car you list on your registration form; you’ll just need to affix an official Jimmy Clean RFID tag to your windshield. Of course, however, we have to reserve the right to cancel, amend or change the program periodically, and you can cancel your membership anytime after at least one renewed billing cycle, although no refunds will be given for partial periods. Such a great deal, it’s like one you’ll never find anywhere else. Jimmy says let’s get washing.